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The video is produced for the mental health awareness week 2023 in the United Kingdom. the theme of this coming mental health awareness week is ‘anxiety ‘from 15 to 21 may. Lots of things can lead to feelings of anxiety, including exam pressures, relationships, starting a new job (or losing one), big life events and traumas. We can also get anxious when it comes to things to do with money and not being able to meet our basic needs, like heating our home or buying food.

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems we can face. in a recent mental health survey, we carried out around stress, anxiety and hopelessness over personal finances, a quarter of adults said they felt so anxious that it stopped them from doing the things they want to do some or all of the time. six in ten adults feel this way, at least some of the time, on a positive note, anxiety can be made easier to manage. Focusing on anxiety for this year's mental health awareness week will increase people's awareness and understanding of anxiety by providing information on the things that can help prevent it from becoming a problem. Please watch until the end + comments or donate to:

Steph Tumba

“ Anxiety is also these constant voices we hear in our head saying that we are not good enough, pretty enough and that we will never measure up to the expectations of others. It's a relentless chorus of self-doubt and self-criticism that can consume our thoughts, making us question our worth and abilities. Childhood trauma (but not only!!!) can significantly contribute to the development of these constant voices of self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy that fuel anxiety. These experiences of trauma during childhood, such as physical or emotional abuse, neglect, or witnessing violence, can deeply impact a person's sense of self and their ability to form healthy attachments with others. These traumatic events can shape their belief systems and create negative core beliefs about themselves.”

And this is the story of Olivia: Olivia, a gifted and attractive individual, had a strong inclination towards singing from a very young age. she pursued her passion for music with great diligence, earning appreciation from all except her family, who constantly bully her. dealing with the complexities of life and various opinions, she finds it challenging to comprehend herself, trust people, make friends or feel confident. despite securing a contract with a prominent music publishing firm, she grapples with anxiety and self-doubt, which she attempts to overcome through substance abuse. Olivia shares her story of anxiety and its roots, leaving no facts unmentioned. *****

Full cast & crew

Director, screenwriter: @stephtumba

Assistants director: george stratford, julia foster and Josephine lavoisier

videographer: Kim Jungwong

Cast (in credits order): ]

Olivia: @adriadimev (LEAD)

Olivia’s mother: @fabiacerra

Olivia’s father: Steve Smith

Olivia’s brother: @theejamesrealpe

Rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Denise Tudor Whelan

Kento Yoshioka @kentoyoshioka94

Marvellous Aigbedion @thisismarvi

Quentin Bourhis

Ryan P Moss - @ryan_p_moss

Sara Lorio @Sara.io93

Simeon Jackman Smith @Si_Jacko_71

Camera and electrical department: kim Jungwong @bongsu_kim3 Music we could be by Mimmi Bangoura @mimmibangoura Film editing: Valentyna Rodzevska & @stephtumba Produced by Filming for Charities cic for #mentalhealthawarenessweek2023

*** As dedicated employees and volunteers of Ste Tumba Capital, its brands, subsidiaries, and Filming for charities, we firmly believe that kindness should be an integral part of our work environment. We want to emphasize that as adults, it is crucial to foster kindness in the workplace! On this note, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our boss, @stephtumba, for being an extraordinary source of inspiration, empowerment, kindness, and compassion. We genuinely consider ourselves fortunate to have the opportunity to work under your guidance and leadership. Your modesty and unwavering dedication serve as a true inspiration to all of us. We sincerely hope that our message reaches you, as we wanted to take this moment to extend our deepest appreciation for all that you do. Thank you for being the incredible person that you are.


As wendy suffers from social anxiety, she initially refused a housewarming party invitation from her childhood friend walanda, who she hadn't seen in years. As a result of her friend's forceful behavior, she eventually goes. Even so, she is very anxious about being surrounded by people she doesn't know, so she drinks to feel more comfortable around them until she meets brady.



CAST (In Credits Order):

Wendy (Main): Adrienn Szabó

Brady: Mindaugas Gražys Aka “Mg”

Brady’s Mother: Zaina Gardner

Rest Of Cast Listed Alphabetically:
Ahmed Hasan Alblooshi

Florence Hungwen Cowieson

Georgina Innes-Myers

Gioele Musco

Jamie Umblijs

Just Odim

Justyna Agnieszka Nowakowska

Lorraine Pacheco
Romàrio Lawson

Ruby Estelle
Camera And Electrical Department: Raki Ralko

Mua & Hairstylist: Yolanda Tornatore

Music Breeze On Me

Sang By Seroa Feat. Lauren Dunn

Written By Seroa

Film Editing By Stéphanie Tumba For Filming For Charities ®

Produced By Sté Tumba Capital


Over 40 years ago, john knight and graham buxton suffered the loss of children in road crashes caused by drunken drivers. They found little support to help them through their traumatic experience and very little activity to do anything about the waste of life on our roads and so founded cadd in may 1985.

Its message was that not nearly enough was being done to prevent other people becoming the innocent victims of drinking drivers and that existing policies and penalties in relation to drinking drivers, especially those who killed or injured others, did not adequately reflect the true nature of the offence.

Cadd encouraged victim families to launch private prosecutions on death charges to ensure justice for lost loved ones. Every prosecution launched was successful, which proved beyond doubt that prosecuting authorities was not bringing proper charges.
The uk attorney general acknowledged in writing that there was legitimate cause for concern. Soon afterwards a new offence of causing death by careless driving whilst under the influence of alcohol/drugs was introduced with a penalty of a maximum of 5 years imprisonment which, under pressure, were increased to 10 years maximum imprisonment (the maximum has now been increased to 14 years). Minimum compensation payments were doubled and police activity in breath testing suspects was dramatically increased.

If you want to donate please vidit:

As I am...

In support to the Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, Heidi & Aida wants to present a video showing how mental health issues can affect every one of us.

It affect your mood, thinking and behaviour. Examples of mental illness include depression, anxiety disorders, bullying, schizophrenia, eating disorders and addictive behaviours and the list goes on…

Jane (main character in the video) suffers from low self esteem often feeling shame and self-doubt. She spends lots of time criticising herself and others. Low self–esteem is a symptom of several mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression. 

We know that mental health problems affect millions of us, in our families, communities and workplaces. Building a society where mental health is everyone’s business should be a no-brainer as prevention is possible. 

This year, the Mental Health Foundation is encouraging people to #ConnectWithNature to improve their mental health’.

Did you know that bringing nature into your daily life can really make a difference to your mental health? Spending quality time in and around nature can reduce stress, and help increase feelings of positivity. For many of us nature can fill out of reach, but you don’t have to be surrounded by cliff sides or take a walk in wildness to feel the benefits. Just by looking out of the window and feeling the Sun on your skin, or noticing flowers in your neighbour’s window, can improve your mental well-being.

Try to stop and appreciate a little bit of nature around you and do not forget to call a friend you have not heard of for a long time… we never know what is happening in their lives.

Find more material and learn more about mental health issue visiting the Mental Health Foundation by visiting their website at

Song by Goodie Grace – If I want to Goody Grace

Written by Jacob Torrey, Stephen Puth, Nevin Sastry, Goody Grace, John Glub, Seymore Gottlieb, Herbert Weiner, Gold Wally, Ian Franzino and Andrew Haas.


Directed by Stephanie Tumba

Writing Credits: S. Tumba

Camera, Electrical, and Lights Department: Raki Ralko


Jane – Amy Mathews

John – Luke Hunter


Fashion Jack – Pino D’amore (owner of café society Riverwalk)

Glam Joanna (x dress) Laura Bianca Hoffmann

Corporate Man – Sharif Islam

Glam Jessica (x dress) Sitora Rasulova

Produced by Ste Tumba Capital for Heidi & Aida + Mental Health Awareness Week

Film Editing by S. Tumba & Chris Rainbird

Special Thanks to Café Society Riverwalk @ 161Millbank for their warm welcome !!!

Completely Wicked

John Doe is visiting his wife's grave for the first time in years. He cries over the amazing romantic memories they share over the years including his proposal to her. The story unfolds...

Domestic abuse is defined as an incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening, degrading and violent behaviour, including sexual violence, in many cases by a partner or ex-partner, but also by a family member or carer. It is more common that you will think. It is mostly experienced by women and is perpetrated by men. Domestic abuse can include, but is not limited to, the following:

• Coercive control (a pattern of intimidation, degradation, isolation and control with the use or threat of physical or sexual violence)

• Psychological and/or emotional abuse

• Physical or sexual abuse

• Financial or economic abuse

• Harassment and stalking

• Online or digital abuse According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) year ending March 2020, an estimated 5.5% of adults aged 16 to 74 years (2.3 million people) experienced domestic abuse in the last year (Figure 1).

As seen in previous years, a higher percentage of adults experienced abuse carried out by a partner or ex-partner (4.0%) than by a family member (1.9%).

The police recorded a total of 1,288,018 domestic abuse-related incidents and crimes in England and Wales in the year ending March 2020. Of these, 41% (529,077) were incidents not subsequently recorded as a crime. The remaining 59% (758,941) were recorded as domestic abuse-related crimes. We, Filming For Charities, stands firm against ALL sort of abuse against women and ALL human beings.

Find more material and learn more about domestic violence on

Song by Melanie Doane – Every Little Thing

Written by Melanie Doane


Directed by S. Tumba

Writing Credits: S. Tumba

Assistant Director: Ndaya Ntima-Nsiemi Camera

Electrical, and Lights Department: Ramsey Pietro Nasser

MakeUp: Yolanda Tornatore


John –Luke Ireland

Jane – Lydia Barnes


Police Officer: Sara Taylor

Prison Officer/James: Spencer Allum

Editing by S. Tumba & Morsalin Sad

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