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Our initiative, Filming for Humanity, was inspired by the power of art to motivate, spark compassion, and reach out to connect people. A venture which pairs our natural artistic passion and talents with our drive for generosity, the initiative endeavours to transform and improve the lives of others and to make the world a better place. Each video is a unique creative project inspired by a specific chosen charity, and it is that charity to whom we will donate all the proceeds from the video, as well as providing advertisement for the wonderful work that they do. This is a service we provide entirely for free: we do not charge for our videos, and we encourage charities to reach out to us if they require help or promotion of any kind, as we would be more than happy to oblige!

A Unique Perspective

We all bring a unique yet real, perspective and sometimes twists to these projects, working as directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, cameramen and editors, in order to ensure that our videos are the best they can be and to bring the most attention to your charity. These charities may be local non-profits or nationally famous top charities; they may be chosen in accordance with current events and awareness projects, or they may hold personal significance for friends, family or loved ones. Whatever the cause, we recognise the incredible importance of fundraising and of any charitable contributions, and we pour all our passion and hard work into creating videos which are not only individually beautiful works of art, but which create real, tangible change in this world by drawing attention to some of the most pressing issues of modern life, from racism, domestic violence, to world hunger.

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Filming For Humanity is a registered Community Interest Company operating under number 14944431. Formely known as Filming for Charities